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The Family Learning Series is a resource for families, to learn more about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, and to use to have difficult conversations about race relations in America.  Each lesson features a 'Building Vocabulary' section or a Black Wall Street/1921 Tulsa Race Massacre resource.  Before using the resource, parents should introduce their children to the lesson’s vocabulary.  After using the resource, families will be able to discuss the vocabulary and the history presented, more in depth. We hope that this series of seven lessons provides families with a resource that both teaches history and leads to meaningful and rich conversations.

Learn about the rise and fall

of Black Wall Street.

The Family Learning Series

This lesson is about how we rememeber history.

This lesson is about the beginning of Greenwood

This lesson is about how Black Wall Street got its name

This lesson provides resource for talking to children about race relations in America.

This lesson will focus on Tulsa race relations in 1921

ThIs lesson shows the events of the race riots in the form of a graphic novel

This lesson is about reflection

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