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Black Wall Street Virtual Art Exhibition 
Dawn Tree

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About the Artist

Dawn Tree

Dawn Tree is a professional graphic and abstract surrealist artist. The owner of art house, Underground Tree Studios.

Her love and focus on her art career has led her to hold artist residences, contribute to many art exhibitions and publish a book. In 2019, Tree published a graphic art history book entitled Tulsa’s Black Wall Street: A Modernized Revelation. The book takes her graphic art history composed of archived photos from the largest race massacre in history that took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, her imagination and explained in a digestible and truth telling way with remnants of hope.

Justice is a resounding theme in most if not all the work Tree creates.

A majority of her works are on wood, combining various mediums of paint & materials from aerosol, latex acrylic, gold leaf and found branches, feathers, shells and more.

Pieces are intended to provoke thought of community, humanity, spirituality and connections of present and past. They often use bright colors that contrast with each other; allowing you to interpret and see many perspectives within one.

Dawn resides in both the Eastern region of Ghana and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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